Friday, February 22, 2008

When things don't change

we get restless when things don't change.
We start feeling stale. We start getting restless.
Because change keeps telling us that we're alive.
Changing things around us almost are a sign of energy around us.

I had gone visiting my B-School campus two weeks back. I used to be there almost 10 years back. Since last week i was visiting them as an alumunus from the corporate world there was an eagerness among the students to take me around the campus & show me all the new things that have happened on the campus. The new library, the new hostel blocks, the new bigger mess etc.etc. All the progress that the campus has made. All the things that have changed.

I was not so happy that the things had changed .

But yesterday I went back to place where I used to be 16 years back. I went back to Nagpur
And i was very happy that it hadn't changed.

The city hasn't changed much in last 16 years.
the roads were the same, the buildings weren't replaced by skyscrapers, the trees were still there, my school gate was still the same ( the building looked the same from the distance ), the vertinary clollege building looked in the same shape. So did the lake next to the school.
The greatest joy came from looking at a small marathi signboard of the govt. horticulture office. A signboard i used make fun of when I went for our evening walks with my sisters. It was exactly at the same place & looked the same after 16 years.
More things that I found that hadn't changed more delighted i grew.

I was so happy that the things hadn't changed.

I would have felt cheated if they had. They would tried to change the picture I had retained of my childhood.

I have seen Gurgaon change everyday in the last 12 years.
I struggle to remember how it looked when we moved here in 1996.
I can't even remember how it looked 3 years back. Every week the earth spews out a new concrete monster from nowhere. They are coming out of the earth in all forms - Malls, Offices, condominiums & sometimes flyovers. So much of change everyday.

I don't wish that the places in the past to change. So that when i go back to them I can find my past there. But will it be true of the places where I was not happy ?

If i remember my past fondly does it mean that I was more happy in my childhood
than I am now. ..
Or is it that from a distance everything appears pleasant ...
Or just the very early signs of old age :-) ......

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